How long will it take to get approval before we can start building a granny flat?

It usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks to gain Complying Development Approval. It is important to keep in mind that each property is different and in turn are assessed individually under the State Environmental Planning Policy, also known as the SEPP.

Do we have to gain approval from our local council to build a granny flat or can it be done through a private certifier?

Private certifiers have authority to assess and approve the construction of granny flats. The benefit of gaining approval through a private certifier is that the process is much quicker than submitting documents through a local council. Once your granny flat is approved, the documents are still sent over to your local council for their records.

What is a Private Certifier?

Private certifiers are qualified and professional entities that are entitled to issue approval and permits for construction proposals, either residential or commercial.

Do all councils in Sydney allow Granny flats?

Yes. However, you will need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions, which may prevent a granny flat being built on your block. This is usually highlighted in the Section 149(2) Planning Certificate that can be purchased from your local council. This document can also be located in the contract of sale of the property.

Do I have to use an InHouse Granny Flats standard design?

Certainly not. At InHouse Granny Flats, we specialize in building custom designed granny flats, as well as providing options for standard designs. All of our granny flat projects are cut and constructed on site by fully licensed and qualified tradesmen.

What is the maximum size granny flat I can build?

The maximum size for a granny flat, built as a secondary dwelling, is 60 m2. An attached garage with a roller door can also be constructed.

Are there any guidelines I need to meet when building a granny flat on my property?

All guidelines must comply with the current legislation is called the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, otherwise known as the ‘SEPP’. Firstly, your backyard must be big enough to house a granny flat. Under strict regulations we cannot build a granny flat on property sizes less than 450m2 and their needs to be good access to the backyard. Over 50% of the land must be vacant.

  • Set backs – the granny flat needs to be built:
  • 3 metres from the rear fence
  • 1 metre from both the side fences

Can I attach a granny flat to my house?

Yes, however extra measures will need to be taken in construction to ensure that proper fire-rated walls are built between the connecting walls.

Are there any hidden costs with InHouse Granny Flat Builders?

There are no hidden costs at InHouse Granny Flats. Once we prepare your fee proposal, the total amount for the whole project is clearly outlined. Anything not included as standard is highlighted in red. At InHouse, we guarantee that.

Construction FAQs

Can I build on a concrete slab or steel piers?

You can build a granny flat on either a concrete slab or steel piers. At InHouse Granny Flats, our preferred method of construction is concrete slab on ground, however some properties are unable to use this option due to being within a flood zone or if the property is on a large slope. In this case, steel piers will be used at no additional cost.

Do I get a choice in the colors and finishes of my granny flat?

Yes. We have a large range of suppliers, colors and materials for you to choose from in our own Sydney showroom. At InHouse, we understand the overwhelming nature of building your first project, so that’s why we offer you our expertise and guidance during the material selection stage.

Are your granny flats prefabricated kit homes?

No, our granny flats are permanent structures. At InHouse Granny Flats we specialize in building custom designed homes that are cut and constructed on site by fully licensed and qualified tradesmen.

Do you need access to the main water, gas and electricity?

Yes. Granny flats are built using the existing dwelling’s services during construction. If there are tenants in the main property, they will only be minor affected.

All services to the granny flat are supplied and handed over with separated metering, making it easier to separate services bills if the granny flat is being rented out.

How long does the granny flat construction process take?

Generally it takes 12 -14 weeks for your granny flat to be built from start to completion. This is also subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

When can I rent out my granny flat?

Granny flats can only be rented out once the private certifying authority has issued the final occupancy certificate.

Are there insurances that cover me?

Yes, All building approvals come provided with seven years structural home owners warranty on your granny flat.

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