Buying a Property

InHouse Granny Flats offer a pre-purchase site inspection for anyone wishing to purchase a property with the intention to build a granny flat on the land. We will inspect the property before you purchase it and provide a report on whether it is suitable to build a granny flat on it or not.

If you are buying a property with the intention of building a granny flat to generate an extra income, we encourage you to take advantage of InHouse Granny Flats professional services to avoid costly mistakes.

We have In house builders and consultants on standby to answer all your granny flat questions, to ensure that your entire investment process runs smoothly.

Don’t miss out on a good Investment deal because of an uneven block or irregular shaped block. InHouse granny flat experts will carry an online assessment followed by an onsite assessment of your property, FREE of charge.

When you purchase a Sydney property to build a 60 m2 granny flat, you will need to consider the following basic guide:

  • Check the sewer diagram and section 149 planning certificate to ensure there are no Sydney Water assets running through the area you wish to build upon.
  • The entire block must be a minimum of 450 m2.
  • The property’s frontage must be a minimum 12m in length.
  • The block must have good access for tenants and also for construction.
  • Try and avoid blocks with large trees. If there are trees on the property, check to ensure they are not native trees. (native trees cannot be removed in most cases).
  • A distance of 1.8 metres must be allowed from the existing house to the new granny flat in order to avoid fire rating and further costs.
  • Setbacks are 3 metres from the rear fence and 5m if the property is greater than 900 m2.
  • Side boundaries of 0.9m minimum from side fences on blocks under 600 m2 and 1.5m for blocks over 600 m2.
  • Privacy between the existing property and the potential granny flat needs to be considered.
  • The street entrance to the granny flat to also be considered.
  • Purchase price for the property and location, location, location is extremely important.

Contact us before you purchase a property and we will carry out a FREE site inspection!

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