Building a Granny Flat - Steps we follow at InHouse Granny Flats

Building a granny flat is a simple process and can be done in as little as three months, depending on the approval process. From the moment our clients request a quote to the day we hand over the key. InHouse Granny Flats will be there, assisting them throughout the whole process.

Our Process


Getting a Quote

The first step to building a granny flat is an enquiry. When you call or email us, we will send you a free information pack so you get a better understanding of what we do. From there, our qualified builder will inspect your backyard free of charge to check the area and discuss your needs and requirements. Our sales representative will then send you a fee proposal, which outlines the necessary requirement for your granny flat including inclusions and an overall price.

Grany Flat Plans and Drawing Stage

Once you have accepted the terms of the granny flat construction, paid a deposit and provided us with the 10.7 planning certificate (formally known as 149 Certificate) from council and a sewer diagram, we send a surveyor to your site to write down all the measurements and report back to us. Our qualified designer will then draw up the proposed floor plans and engineering. Our designer is happy to work directly with you and make alterations to your liking. Once you are happy, we will send your designs to council for approval.


Granny Flat Contracts and Council

Once the drawings have been approved and all necessary burdens have been taken care of, we set up a meeting to go over the MBA/Home owner’s warranty contract with you. When you’re happy with everything and sign the contract we take it from there. We submit all necessary applications to the relevant authorities and begin the approvals process. This will take an average five weeks.

Granny Flat Construction

Once the council has approved your granny flat plans we start ordering all materials you chose for your granny flat. While the manufacturing and ordering is taking place we are on site immediately, starting the earthworks, compaction, cement work and slab ready for the full construction. At InHouse we know that this investment is important to you and we do our best to finish construction as soon as possible while not compromising quality building. If all goes to plan, you will be moving into your brand new granny flat, ready to go in approximately 12 weeks.


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